School pair
Photo: Porvoo Museum
The building is a former chapel

Return to school!

On this pair of museum visits, you will find 19th century desks and old textbooks, educational pictures and learning material from a period extending from the more remote past to the 1950s.

The wooden abacus, the old desks with seats for one or two and the skilfully arranged butterfly collection showcase the daily lives of past pupils in the sympathetic exhibition depicting a small school class in the Wårkulla homestead house. Porlammi School Museum, on the other hand, is located in a genuine school environment – in the former classroom of the village’s first elementary school, built in 1872. A key role in the exhibition is played by the collections depicting school life in the 20th century, gathered from three former village schools.

Learn from the old educational pictures, study the instructions in the handicraft manuals and see whether you can gain extra authority by stepping up to the lectern!

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Kotiseututalo Wårkulla
Бытовые и рабочие инструменты, связанные с сельскохозяйственной и молочной деятельностью, а также школьные принадлежности, представленные в здании, ранее использовавшимся в качестве молитвенного дома.

Porlammin koulumuseo
Школьная атмосфера начала XX века и старые школьные принадлежности от сланцев до парт в бывшей классной комнате старого красного здания Фалу.