13.11.2013 - 30.11.2014
Brylcreem – Photographs from Helsinki in the 1950s

The touching images bring to life a city where the shadow of war fades away and an optimistic view of the future begins to take hold. The population of Helsinki grew quickly as suburbs with blocks of flats rose up outside the city centre. People looked to the West for models of modern architecture and urban living. The standard of living improved, with more and more cars on the streets and new products in shop windows. New recreational pastimes were adopted and youth culture became a prominent phenomenon. However, in the urban fringes, people were still living in wooden homes...
The black and white and colour photographs featured in the Brylcreem exhibition and the related book have been selected from the extensive collection of the Helsinki City Museum’s photo archive. An entire room has been dedicated to memories and photographs from the private collections of Helsinki residents, put together specifically for this exhibition.
Hakasalmi Villa
Tue–Sun 11–17
Thu 11–19

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