The Museum Mice Time Journey
Photo: Porvoo Museum

The museum mice Aino and Väinö lead children and youthful people to the hidden secrets of museums! The silk parasol carries the mice across Eastern Uusimaa, discovering people and fascinating subjects from various museums. The tour covers, for example, the lemonade machine in the Jokela museum, the dugout of the Pernaja War Veteran museum and the old-fashioned pancake pan in Qvis Vilhelms Marthastuga. The route offers 25 museums to pick and choose from.
Museohiirten aikamatka (The Museum Mice Time Journey) is based on the children’s book by Kirsti Manninen and Inge Löök, featuring a wonderful story introducing museums from Eastern Uusimaa from a child’s perspective.  The book is bilingual and currently available in Finnish and Swedish.

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Sipoo Schoolmuseum
Old school objects from notebooks to handicrafts exhibited in a real classroom at the former Mårtensby elementary school.

Sibbesgården Museum
Past life in Sipoo showcased in permanent exhibitions in the Matbacka and Fram-Martis crofts, built in the 18th and 19th centuries, and in annually changing theme exhibitions in the drying barn.

Pornainen Parish Museum
Ecclesiastical objects, photographs, tools and other material related to the parish of Pornainen and the lives and work of its residents.

Johannes Linnankoski’s Childhood Home
The life, photographs and writings of author, patriot and popular educator Vihtori Peltonen, known as Johannes Linnankoski, presented in a comfortable cabin.

Askola Museum
The history of the Askola area, presented through not only artefacts typical of local museums but also inviting countryside interiors, blow-up photographs and a rare prehistoric collection, all exhibited in an old granary.

Prestbacka Farm and Pharmacy Collection
The everyday life of crofters and a selection of farm tools from the 19th century onwards, and equipment from Askola’s first pharmacy.

Pukkila Local Museum
Old means of livelihood and life in the Pukkila region, exhibited in the outbuildings of Koivulinna Gallery and showcasing a cobbler’s work, a visitors’ room and various farming tools.

Porlammi Local Museum
Local people, working methods and old culture presented through an extensive selection of local artefacts, displayed in an idyllic area with storehouses built for the needs of Porlammi villagers.

Liljendal Local Museum
Agricultural and domestic artefacts, old fire-fighting equipment and a wide variety of tools from the Liljendal area, exhibited in a granary mainly used for collection storage.

Kyckling's House Museum
The ambience of old buildings and a beautiful garden, old cobbler and metal founder’s tools and local national costumes in an adorable house and its courtyard.

Hurtig's Croft
The daily life of a soldier in a croft dating from the 18th century, with a small yard, smoke sauna and herb garden.

Jokela Local Museum
A diverse museum exhibiting horse-drawn farm tools, old farm and forestry machinery, tractors and various artefacts related to everyday life and work.

Strömfors Forge Museum
Hydropower hammers, the diverse production of the ironworks and the history of daily work and life at one of Finland’s oldest ironworks, exhibited at the upper and lower forges.

Loviisa Town Museum
Historical ambiance and 18th and 19th century artefacts from the town of Loviisa in the fabulous Commandant’s House, dating from 1755.

Pernaja Veteran Museum
War veterans’ tradition, handicrafts created during quiet times on the frontline and general history from the war years of 1939–1945 in a museum based on artefacts mostly donated by Pernaja war veterans and their families.

Isnäs Steam Engine Museum
The power plant interior of a sawmill that operated in 1897–1995 and a unique steam engine still in operating condition in Isnäs, an industrial area of cultural-historical and national significance.

Archipelago Museum
A special museum that comprehensively showcases the culture and various means of livelihood in the archipelago, including boats and boat building.

Sarvisalo Local Museum
Life and means of livelihood from the 19th and 20th centuries on the island of Sarvisalo, presented through collections of artefacts and photographs in an archipelago museum located next to the village house.

Postbacken - Outdoor Museum
A dozen well-preserved cabins with genuine craftsman and crofter atmosphere in Ilola, Porvoo, an outdoor museum area blooming in the summer.

Porvoo Museum, Old Town Hall
Paintings, sculptures, period furniture and other pieces by Finnish artists, the history of the people of Porvoo and the prehistoric phases of the Porvoo region, all exhibited in the best-known building in the Old Town.

J. L. Runeberg's Home
The former home of Finland’s national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804–1877) and his family, which is also Finland’s oldest home museum, located in Porvoo’s Empire district.

Walter Runeberg's Sculpture Collection
Sketches, plaster sculptures and many portraits by one of Finland’s most significant sculptors, Walter Runeberg (1838–1920), son of national poet J. L. Runeberg.

Albert Edelfelt Studio Museum
Drawings, lithographs and photographs by Albert Edelfelt from the late 19th century in the artist’s former seaside studio.

Marthastuga of Qvis Vilhelms
A charming 19th century atmosphere and typical village artefacts in the red twin cabin of the Qvis Vilhelms peasant farm, situated among fruit trees and meadow flowers.

Kråkö Boat-builders Museum
The traditions of boat building and builders exhibited through numerous photographs, tools and boat models.