Museum of Nurse Training

In this museum situated in Meilahti, Helsinki, the world of health care and nurse training is revealed in a new manner. The items on display, including old delivery forceps, a bandage rolling machine, wax tablets illustrating tuberculosis and many other items used in teaching and treatment alike, tell the history of Finnish midwife and nurse training.
A tour of the museum’s rooms provides an illustrative account of the life of a nurse student, midwife or nurse. The mid-20th century furniture and historic nurses’ and midwives’ uniforms are illustrative of the times during which they were in use.
The first head nurse of the nurse school, Sophie Mannerheim, launched international co-operation while studying in London at the nursing institute established by Florence Nightingale. In addition to the highest medal available in nursing, which was awarded to Sophie, the museum exhibits an extensive collection of other medals.

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Museum info

Tukholmankatu 10, 00290 Helsinki
+358 (0)40 6303152
Opening hours
Museum is closed and is moving to a different location. Reopening in 2020.