Boating and seafaring
Kuva: Sakari Kiuru

Currently, boaters are able to get an in-depth view of the history of their vehicle. While the Rönnäs Archipelago Museum and the Kråkö Shipbuilding Museum showcase shipbuilding techniques and tools, the Loviisa Seafaring Museum sheds light on operations of the historical shipyards which were located in the area during the 18th and 19th centuries, while also introducing steam boats. The collection includes a large number of boat engines, both in the engine-oriented Outboard Museum as well as the Archipelago Museum’s engine exhibition.
The Loviisa Seafaring Museum provides a more comprehensive view on sailing, such as shipyard activities and seafaring. The Archipelago Museum covers the islander culture and occupations in great detail.
Between the maritime museum visits, history enthusiasts can stop by the mid-18th century Sea Fortress Svartholma, a popular site among boaters during the summertime.

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Archipelago Museum
A special museum that comprehensively showcases the culture and various means of livelihood in the archipelago, including boats and boat building.

Museum of Seafaring
The exciting history of seafaring, wooden boat building and shipping in the seaside town of Loviisa and its neighbouring areas from the mid-18th century onwards.

Outboard Museum
The history of serial-production outboard engines, tools and literature related to engines and more than fifty outboard engines exhibited in a fishing co-operative’s waterside shed in Tirmo, Porvoo.

Svartholma Sea Fortress