War and survival pair
Photo: Sakari Kiuru

Rescue dogs, gas masks, military uniforms and Finnish war history. These are some of the subjects covered by this pair of museums showcasing war and survival in Kruunuhaka, Helsinki.
The Helsinki Civil Defence Museum provides detailed information on the protection of civilians during 1939–1944, while also shedding light on the history of civil defence in general. The Talvisota 1939–1940 – Kunniamme päivät exhibition on the Winter War describes the 105-day war in great detail, all the way from the roots of the conflict to its aftermath.
The museums also have audio-enhanced bomb shelters, where visitors can experience what it was like to take cover from aerial attacks and crumbling buildings. Other experiences of the period can be re-lived by following news reports during the Winter War and multimedia performances in the Military Museum, as well as by visiting the war-time home in the Helsinki Civil Defence Museum.

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Military Museum
Finnish military history in the Military Museum´s Manege and in the submarine Vesikko at Suomenlinna sea fortress.

The Helsinki Civil Defence Museum
Interactive and informative exhibitions on past and present civil defence in an old civil defence shelter from 1941.