Most of the nearly two hundred museums in the Uusimaa region are located in city and village centres or along public transport routes. There are, however, some memorable local museums that are best visited by car.

The Museum Guide car tours will provide you with ideas for one-day trips as well as longer holidays. The King’s Road and the Museum Mice Time Journey tours cover tens of museums, allowing visitors to pick and choose the most interesting ones. The museums in the other tours can be visited in one day.

The tours were planned according to various themes, such as sauna, technology and science, and historical rural Finland!

Visitors can travel between museums on idyllic countryside roads: for example, the King’s Road tour following the old postal service route and the Uusimaa Ironworks tour take visitors into nostalgic environments. And if you are on a tighter schedule, you can always take the motorways or other main roads to reach the locations.